Garden tools sell well in Europe and the United States

        During the last fair, garden tools and hardware tools, electric tools, be fair in a major bright spot.Yongkang top shing industry &trade co., LTD., s miseth o lady introduces, at present is the domestic production of garden tools mainly oriented or overseas markets, such as southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, especially in Europe and the United States golf courses, and in some countries.Due to the influence of climate, on the lawn every week for a system such as trim, so led garden tools sold situation more optimistic.After many years of product technology improvement and innovation, product variety, from a single gradually achieve the complete specifications and varieties, such as their company's portable harvester, hedge trimmer, lawn mower, cutting machine and so on 5 big series 36 varieties, have reached Singapore in southeast Asia and Europe and the United States.

        Green as blue garden tools co., LTD., chief introduction, their products won the silver hardware fair in Berlin, science and technology of China hardware expo gold medal, the products sell well in more than a dozen countries and regions.Since the product to domestic promotion by the general consumer's consistent high praise.Company through unremitting efforts, in 2004 the French "ai" horticultural products marketing rights in China, the company introduced advanced F, F, L marketing idea, make the company to the next level.Their products are in Italy, France and other European and American markets.And in the ninth and tenth China hardware expo, their garden tools as a gift set presented to the attending guests at home and abroad.

        Owner is introduced, through years of participation, found that the current foreign demand for the product quality is each product must meet international certification.Such as CE (security authentication marks), GS (German security authentication marks), EPA (EPA certification) and other international certification.Only in this way, the domestic production of garden tools can be freely exported to Europe and the United States.


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